Inspection Pricing

There are many factors in determining the cost of your home inspection, as one inspection does not fit all. Items such as home size, systems, age of home, and home configuration can effect the price and length of a home inspection. For your best home inspection quote, and to customize your inspection for your property, give us a call (406-250-0091) and we can quote you our best price.

You can also use the our Schedule Your Inspection utility on the Schedule Your Inspection page to begin the inspection scheduling process with Bill at ACC Home Inspections. Click on Schedule Your Inspection at the top of the page, then complete the form with the information about your property and inspection needs. Once you have completed the form, we will contact you to confirm your scheduled appointment and go over the details of the inspection process. 

Additional Services:

In addition to residential home inspections, ACC Home Inspections offers additional services to make sure that all aspects of your property are inspected. 

  • Radon Testing - Determine your radon levels, so you can abate the problem for your families health and safety.
  • Water Testing - 3 levels of water sampling and testing, for the level of detail you need.